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Whole Roasted Flaxseed (Patent Pending)​

Energy and Protein Ingredient for livestock Feeds ​

Benefits of Roasted Flax in livestock rations:

Our cleaning process ensures the following

Guaranteed Analysis:​

  • Enhances the delivery of amino acids and fatty acids
  • Omega 3 improving reproductive performance.
  • Decreases toxins through roasting process
  • Omega 3 fat metabolized for health
  • Increases feed efficiency
  • Increased energy availability
  • Roasting increases shelf life
  • Replaces synthetic amino acids
  • Reduced cases of acidosis which causes ulcers and future medication needs
  • Allows for better utilization of other grains decreasing feed input requirement
Crude Protein (min)…….20.3%
Sodium (actual)…………….0.1%
Potassium (actual)…………0.8%
Sulfur (actual)……………….0.2%
Copper (actual)……….10 mg/kg
Iron (actual)……………62 mg/kg
Manganese (actual)…32 mg/kg
Zinc (actual)……………47 mg/kg
Magnesium (actual)….0.4%
Crude Fat (max)………46.5%
Crude Fat (min)………46.5%
Crude Fiber (max)…….6.0%
ADF (max)………………12.0%
NDF (max)……………..20.4%
Calcium (actual)……….0.2%
Phosphorus (actual)….0.7%

Directions for use:

Whole Roasted Flaxseed is typically fed at 20 to 100 grams per 100 kg body weight mixed into the horse’s daily ration. Feed according to the life stage and/or performance of the horse and the quality of the hay or pasture. This product does not contain added salt; supplementary salt will be required. Thoroughly mix this product into the total diet or daily ration before use. Do not feed undiluted. Forage should be provided with clean fresh water at all times.


We understand what it feels like to buy livestock feed that ends up being less than satisfactory. In our own experience as farmers, we have purchased livestock feed that has been unacceptable. At Caiton Farms, we take pride in our levels of research and care more than others on the market. We treat our level of care, from start to finish, as a priority.


Our team works closely with a licensed equine & cattle nutritionist to give you a healthier, cost efficient product. Our nutrition for equine and cattle is formulated with essential ingredients, so that horses and cattle will absorb the nutrients, utilize the feed, and get the desired results. The clipping and polishing of our feed can mitigate potential food related illnesses or injuries; from sharp seeds or clippings getting lodged into internal organs and creating ulcers.

The main thing about Caiton Farms & ARK Nutrition, is the emphasis and importance that we, as a family, place on the health and wellbeing of our own animals, as well as the animals and farmers we serve. We see this as an opportunity to be a player in a large market, where quality is overlooked, and volume is moved heavily. Our processing technology will take away any chance of increased exposure to moisture as well as further clean out other impurities.


Our goal at Caiton Farms is to create a high quality, clean livestock feed for your equine and cattle that doesn’t break the bank. We want to maintain our strong community roots, supporting locally sourced ingredients, and working with local nutrition professionals. We want to keep your animals healthy and strong; it’s our goal to give you the best Alberta has to offer, without paying a premium. Caiton Farms wants to save our customers money, not only in the daily feeding costs, as they will decrease with a higher nutrition value per serving. Our family values play a huge rule in our operations. We want you to feel like family with every interaction with us. We are proud to be serving our community and contributing to Albertan Agriculture. We are very proud to be partnered with ARK Nutrition, and Amanda Kroeker. She comes with many years of experience, a huge research and science-based approach to improving nutrition plans for your horses and cattle. We invite you to see for yourself the quality, and care that goes into each of our products!